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COPA in a few words

Collectif Outre-mer de Protection Animale is composed of animal welfare associations, volunteers and people who adopted Creole dogs and cats and who actively protect them overseas and in mainland France.


The situation 

In France, the overpopulation of dogs, cats and strays affects mainly French overseas departments and territories (French Guiana, Mayotte, Reunion island, Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe, Martinique, New Caledonia and French Polynesia…) where the relationship to dogs and cats is different than the one in mainland France.  They often belong to the villages and streets, which causes this overpopulation. They generally do not receive much care and few of them are neutered and identified. 

French overseas departments and territories, paradises for tourists, hells for companion animals ?

This 3-minute video was created in 2015. Since then, nothing has changed…


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Our project – main points

COPA is implementing for the French overseas departments and territories (DOM TOM) an economic,  ecological, solidarity-based citizen project. The actions and initiatives which we wish to move forward with in the DOM TOM have been thought out so that companion animals, wildlife, the inhabitants and public finances benefit.

Our first objective is to offer an alternative to the killing policy of dogs and cats abandoned and/or found wandering by the pounds.


COPA  also aims at 

  • federating the  animal welfare associations in the DOM TOM; help them achieve their projects.
  • enforcing the laws and regulations protecting dogs and cats 
  • promoting and setting up neutering campaigns in order to bring a halt to the multiplication and abandoning of pets
  • make neutering financially more affordable for pets’ owners, with the aid of vets in the DOM-TOM. Organizing internships for the students and young graduates of veterinary colleges in mainland France 
  • establishing animal dispensaries in the DOM-TOM, like COPA Guyane beginning 2018, and veterinary mobile units for the remote areas 
  • promoting the identification of companion animals
  • sensitizing the inhabitants to animal welfare, especially children
  • establishing an animal/reception center in Paris area – dogs ans cats being transferred according to the needs – and in the DOM-TOM to facilitate adoptions
  • introducing responsible adoption locally
  • organizing demonstrations and booths in order to inform the public and collect donations and food
  • protecting Nature and the fauna and flora in the DOM-TOM
  • working for Animal Protection in general.

Contact in English : Séverine Fontan – copadomtom@gmail.com